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September 22nd is World Carfree Day, a date that seeks to motivate a much more ecological conscience in the citizens of the world. 

We all know that having a car makes life easier, but having too many cars in a city significantly increases its carbon footprint and causes the hole in the ozone layer to grow a little larger.

This was the main reason that prompted some cities around the world to implement the Carfree Day in October 1994. The pioneers were Reykjavik (Iceland), La Rochelle (France) and Bath (UK).

In 1997, Great Britain became the first country to adopt this initiative at the national level. But it would not be until the year 2000 that the European Commission would declare it World Carfree Day and extend the activities associated with the celebration by a whole week.

One of the advantages of this initiative is that it allows us to reconnect with our body and with the environment, since when we leave the car aside and cross the city by bicycle, skateboard or rollerblade, we must be more aware of the motor activity that we do and above all, of the road or roads that we take, because we have a greater number of alternatives and not only with the main avenue.

It’s an open secret that moving around on a bike has a number of benefits that are great for our body, mind and of course, the environment. Therefore, we want to number a series of reasons why we at ASA encourage you to ride a bike:

  • The use of the bike strengthens the person physically and mentally. Without a doubt, riding a bike gives us a better general physical shape and serves to release a lot of tension and our mind from the worries of everyday life.

  • Pedaling burns calories and is beneficial to the heart. One hour cycling at a not too demanding pace burns about 500 calories. It is one of the best activities to burn fat and therefore fight cholesterol, one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease.

  • You save money. Undoubtedly, the savings compared to other means of transport are palpable, since we do not waste fuel. Therefore, if we look in our pockets, we also find advantages and more if it happens like in France that you will be paid to go to work by bike.

  • Going to work without having to go to the gym: In addition to saving money on the cost of the car, you can also save on gym fees with your tuition. ¿ Who needs a spinning class when you ride your bike to work every day? You no longer have to worry about finding a time in your schedule to go to the gym or having to wait until you’re motivated to work out! Now you will exercise every day!

  • We help to preserve the environment. Less polluting emissions, better environment, with all the benefits that this entails.

  • Avoiding traffic jams: If you live in an area congested by morning and rush hour traffic, this spot will interest you. You won’t have to worry about it anymore, because now you’re on a bike. You can overtake all the cars as they honk their horns and despair at the wheel. Depending on the traffic and how far you have to go to work, it is very possible that you will arrive earlier by bike than by other means of transport.

  • You increase happiness while decreasing stress and anxiety: This fact applies to any type of physical exercise that requires some effort. Which means, riding a bike will help you relax tension and reduce stress. This will mean lower levels of depression and improved sleep. Plus, you’ll feel in a much better mood all day long.

  • You will see incredible landscapes. It allows you to get to know the natural environment in a different way and to interact with nature, both visually and audibly.