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Xeresa del Monte is a flat resort that we are developing, in which we have already delivered the first phase of 86 flats to the satisfaction of our clients.

Now we are going for the second phase, giving it a more modern and avant-garde touch, but taking care as always of the quality of our materials, the comfort of our homes and the image of the resort. You can visit it on this website

Today we will learn more about the town in which it is located. Xeresa, a small corner in the province of Valencia next to Gandía and very close to Denia and the Costa Blanca, captivates those who venture to discover its charm. This picturesque village, with deep historical roots and stunning natural surroundings, offers a unique experience that fuses the ancient with the serene.

History that endures:
Xeresa has a past that dates back to Iberian and Roman times, and its historical legacy is reflected in its cobbled streets and ancient buildings. The parish church, with its Gothic architecture, and the castle that looms on the horizon, bear witness to centuries of events that have shaped the identity of this town.


Nature in abundance:
Nestled between mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, Xeresa gifts its visitors with a symphony of natural landscapes. Orange groves spread their fragrance, while the surrounding mountain ranges offer hiking trails that reveal unforgettable panoramas. Nearby beaches, such as Playa de Xeraco, add a touch of serenity with their golden sand and crystal clear waters.


Tradition and local culture:
Xeresa breathes authenticity, and this is reflected in its festivals and traditions. Local celebrations, rooted in Valencian culture, offer visitors a vivid insight into community life. The local gastronomy, with dishes such as paella and horchata, becomes a culinary journey that delights the senses.


Hospitality that makes you fall in love:
The warmth of the people of Xeresa is a distinctive feature. The locals welcome visitors with a smile, sharing stories and secrets about the hidden treasures of the region. This hospitality adds a human touch that enriches the experience of exploring this unique corner.

Sustainable development:
Xeresa has embraced the importance of sustainability in its development. Initiatives to preserve natural beauty and promote ecological practices are evident, creating a harmonious balance between progress and conservation.

In conclusion, Xeresa presents itself as a destination that goes beyond tourism, offering a blend of history, nature and cultural authenticity. Whether exploring its cobbled alleyways, enjoying the sea breeze or immersing yourself in its traditions, Xeresa invites you to discover the richness of a place that endures over time.


In our XERESA DEL MONTE FASE II Resort you can find homes from 172.000€, with the luxury of being in a complex with swimming pools, communal areas, social club, hiking trails… Homes with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms with large terraces.

They are available to visit the PILOT FLATS!

Call us on 679 722 475 or send us an email to: xeresa@asagrupo.com